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Національний Ярмарок інституційного розвитку: старт реєстрації



  A public organization “Institute of Regional Social Policy” was established in october 2005. The Institute consists of the leading experts of Kharkiv region in social policy. Among them there are scientists from regional higher educational establishments and practitioners.

  Main goals of the Institute are the following:
  - to reform social and humanitarian fields;
  - to involve public servants, local officials, scientists, teachers and students, volunteers from different NGOs and mass media into this reformation process;
  - to study and popularize best international experience in social and humanitarian fields.

  Since 2006 the Institute of Regional Social Policy has been a member of a single social network of Kharkiv.



Main fields of activity cover the following issues:

  • to provide recommendations and “road maps” for strategic, social, political, economic and legal development of Kharkiv and Kharkiv region;
  • to organize international projects to study and implement best experience in social and humanitarian fields, to assist volunteers’ exchange between Ukraine and other countries;
  • to participate in sister cities cooperation programs as well as in border and cross-border collaboration projects;
  • to organize and implement scientific and practical conferences, seminars, round tables etc;
  • to provide informational, analytic, methodical and consultative support to the formation and implementation of social and humanitarian policy;
  • to carry out various tests, researches, surveys, social and analytical case studies in the field of social and humanitarian policy;
  • to design and execute complex tests of regional and local programs;
  • to provide scientific and methodical assistance to public authorities including issues of strategic planning, social partnership, public relations etc;
  • to design, fill in and support various internet pages and websites of public and local authorities;
  • to collect, analyze and popularize best national and foreign experience, innovations and technologies used for solving social and humanitarian problems, to encourage better quality of administrative and social services;
  • to carry out study seminars and trainings for public officers, politicians, businessmen, NGOs and mass media representatives.